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Major success for US President Trump's Visit to China - FOTON AUV Joins Hands with US TDG to Create Intelligent Transportation for Smart Cities

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      November 8th marks a very momentous occasion as US President Donald Trump will begin his three-day state visit to China today - marking his first visit to China since taking office. According to foreign media reports, delegations that are accompanying President Trump's visit to China includes a business delegation comprising of CEOs from about 40 US companies. President Trump's visit to China will be "historic" as during his visit, the U.S. expects to have close communication and cooperation with the Chinese , laying the path for "fruitful results" for the President.

On the first day of this historic visit, witnessed by both Chinese and US business delegations, Foton Motor Group, the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, and The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG) signed a cooperation memorandum on the future of public transport vehicles and smart city solutions. Both sides will promote smart-city intelligent transportation solutions worldwide as well as carry out the development and application of a series of intelligent transportation products.

Foton Motor Group and TDG sign the “Memorandum of Understanding on Smart City Transport Solutions”

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and U.S. Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross witnessed the signing of the agreement. Mr. Gong Yueqiong, general manager of Foton Motor Group, and Mr. Paul Doherty, president and CEO of TDG, respectively represented Foton and TDG in signing the agreement,.

Foton is the largest and most complete commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, while TDG is an industry leader in innovative solutions for smart cities in the United States. This high-profile meeting of Chinese and U.S. companies with such global influence in the Great Hall of the People signals the upcoming arrival of a new future trend in global green intelligence development. The project signed by the two sides will be one of the important achievements of Sino-U.S. cooperation and is expected to echo globally.

Creating world-class intelligent transportation solutions for smart cities

The future starts from here!

Who is the future leader? In the wave of electric & intelligence based development along with Industry 4.0 - the new energy business model innovation, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), driverless technology and other technological innovations are currently subverting today’s automobile society. On November 8, Foton Motor Group and TDG’s move to sign a cooperation agreement shows their vision for the future.


According to the MOU, Foton Motor Group and TDG will make full use of their respective technical and resource advantages to create world-class intelligent solutions for public transport in smart cities as well as world-class smart bus products, such as driverless buses and green electric buses - launching in-depth cooperation to bring value to both parties in terms of technology, resources and market opportunities.

According to its company presentation, The Digit Group, Inc., or TDG for short, is a technology enterprise specializing in the design and construction of smart cities. Its businesses cover the care of urban assets as well as the health, safety and welfare of residents, tourists, and employees. It not only offer its clients world-class urban designs in line with sustainable development regulations, but also tailors these urban designs for specific cities. It is also a provider of integrated event and entertainment solutions and is well versed on cutting-edge information regarding smart city technology innovation.

FOTON AUV bus production workshop

In such a win-win alliance, Foton Motor Group has strong manufacturing capabilities and TDG has powerful smart city design philosophies and technology solutions. Both sides will cooperate in the design, production, manufacturing and innovation of products so as to provide advanced public transport vehicles and smart city solutions for the world and to create a better future for cities together.

The project has great breakthrough significance with the future-oriented smart deployment of Foton Motor Group and TDG becoming an important achievement of the Sino-U.S. exchanges. Therefore, the project is included into the list of major cooperation projects which will be discussed during the exchange between Chinese and US business delegations and is especially named in the exchange in order to establish an industry standard.

TDG hopes that the future smart city intelligent transportation solution jointly created by TDG and Foton Motor Group will be vigorously promoted worldwide. While providing a comprehensive new bus solution to Wellington city, TDG can also lead the new trend of smart travel and ride sharing in China and other countries, driving the green and intelligent development of traffic worldwide.

Creating world-class strategic products

Let the world share green manufacturing results!

The common vision, which includes "win-win cooperation between China and the US, first super Internet-based driverless intelligent bus, and world-class smart city intelligent transportation solutions", brings Foton Motor Group and TDG together and taking the green, intelligent manufacturing and new energy development achievements of Foton Motor Group and AUV Bus onto the international stage.

12m pure electric smart bus

TDG announced that coming together with Foton Motor Group to jointly create global intelligent transportation solutions has created opportunities to discuss and communicate with Foton Motor Group about the feasibility of applying electric buses in smart-city construction projects led by TDG. In the early stages, the two sides will form a cooperation in three major areas: first in its smart city project in Wellington, New Zealand, TDG will cooperate with Foton to develop electric bus products that can meet local needs and will replace traditional energy buses, becoming part of the city's intelligent transportation system. It is estimated that the amount of electric bus orders created in this initial stage will reach about 470 units; Secondly, FOTON AUV electric buses will be adopted in the smart city project which TDG is advancing in Chengyang District of Qingdao City, China and TDG will sign an electric bus purchase intention agreement with Foton, worth US210 million or about RMB1.4 billion yuan.

And in the future, TDG will work together with Foton to build new-type transport vehicles. The model will be a small-sized intelligent electric bus (the length of such a single bus is 2 meters; and a different number of buses can be automatically connected into one according to the number of passengers) which TDG has developed with autonomous driving technology as its basis and will be manufactured by Foton’s intelligent factory located in China.

The driverless 2-meter intelligent electric bus which Foton and TDG will jointly develop in the future

According to the strategic cooperation plan between Foton Motor Group and TDG, TDG will focus on the construction of environmental facilities for the future and will provide various products and solutions in areas including energy, dynamic wireless charging technology, data analysis, LED lighting, visible light communication, dynamic advertising/brand communication, crossed bus stop and security. As a key member of Foton Motor Group that focuses on world-class smart bus solutions for future cities, AUV Bus will provide advanced bus products and services for this strategic concept and provide support in green transportation as well as in the development of IoV and autonomous driving.

Driverless 2-meter intelligent electric bus

In TDG's view, AUV Bus integrates forward-thinking, eco-friendly, quality and intelligent manufacturing into one. Moreover, AUV Bus proposes a forward-looking operation solution: an "all-weather new energy bus". It can provide three-dimensional all-round operation support for the development of the smart-city intelligent transportation, drive rapid development of urban traffic, accelerate the upgrading of bus products and create smart buses which can better meet the needs of future cities!

Focusing on a green, intelligent future

Interpreting China’s quality manufacturing to the world!

US President Trump's first visit to China has officially begun. In the following days, US business leaders accompanying President Trump will represent their companies in signing multi-billion-dollar investment agreements with Chinese companies, including a one-billion-dollar energy investment agreement as well as agreements to help accelerate Tesla and other new energy automotive companies towards establishing factories in China. "Green, new energy, and intelligent manufacturing" are still the exciting keywords in exchanges between Chinese and US leaders!

Laser cutting machine in operation

As for the smart-city intelligent transportation planning, "green & intelligent" is also the trend. For more than a decade past, AUV has always advocated advanced city bus system solutions in order to let cities enjoy future-oriented, high-end, intelligent, smart, green and shared high-quality travel services.

By conforming to the current developmental trends and combining Foton's own advantages, Foton is trying to build the top strategy for Foton Intelligent Manufacturing - 2025: "one network, three intelligences" ("one network" refers to the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and "three intelligences" refers to intelligent products, intelligent factories and intelligent management). In recent years, AUV Bus has continued to increase efforts to push its own transformation and innovation. All of these results, such as the launch of a driverless concept vehicle, the quality discovery journey, all-weather reliable new energy integrated solutions and China's first quality bus standard, show the success of AUV in adhering to green quality manufacturing for more than 10 years past.

In particular, AUV Bus has taken the lead within the industry, launching the BJ6180 online charging pure electric city bus – a driverless BRT concept vehicle - in 2016. The product combines the features of the unique bus system BRT and uses radar, lane guidance, laser locator, GPS, infrared cameras, stereo images, wheel encoders and other advanced technologies. By creating a future-oriented, green and efficient urban bus, it seizes the commanding point of the "Internet +", new energy and the intelligent driving era in one fell swoop which has caused an uproar in the industry, while allowing the industry to see the smartness and extraordinariness of the company in the field of intelligentization.

Painting robots in operation

Products are always being upgraded and replaced. All countries world-wide are planning and deploying their strategies to actively participate in the re-division of labor throughout the global manufacturing industry and"Made in China 2025" has long been put forward. It lists promoting the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization as an important task in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and clearly proposes to speed up the formulation of intelligent manufacturing technology standards, to develop intelligent manufacturing equipment and products and to promote the intelligentization of the manufacturing process. In the strategic layout of the 19th CPC National Congress held this year, priorities are also given to intelligent manufacturing and smart traffic management. The future must belong to enterprises which focus on the future and have forward-looking visions!

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