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The space available for passengers within the bus is expanded by technologies,the degree of comfort of the seat spacing is enhanced by introducing elaborate arrangement,and 2 or more seats are to be added,creating the best in the country.the 7.2M3 drive-in luggage compartment is 0.5M3 larger compared with semi-monocoque equivalents and is capable of meeting more shipment demands. the interiors of the bus are all made up of plant fiber materials in softened design; the bright and soft colors,brisk and lively lines;warm and natural styles render a higher degree of unity between visual effects and comfort of passengers;all materials and bonding glues are up to the highest standards for environmental protection,and the air inside the bus is up to the standards for limousines,creating a new realm pf green environmental protection. the bus is elaborately forged,by adopting the full-integral technology,into a full truss space frame structure and closed-loop design,and in contrast to the semi-integral equivalents,the bus is provided with a strength 30% higher,and anti-twisting strength 3 to 6 times higher,body weight 5% to 15% lower,fuel saving capacity 10% to 15% higher ,and with the safety performance beyond the standards of ECE R66 regulations. special attention is paid to the safety of the passengers by increasing the active and passive safety performance of the bus 3 to 5 times so as to bring all-round protection for both the drivers and passengers.


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