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BJ6116/BJ6127 series new energy group shuttle bus in the category of the city "e-bus"

Driving low carbon travel by science and technology, meeting a better tomorrow with green. AUV BJ6116/ BJ6127 series medium-sized commuter bus in the category of the city "e-bus" is mainly suitable for being used as commuter bus of small and medium enterprises and for short-distance transportation of fixed route, providing green, convenient and reliable transport service solutions for enterprise commuting and short-term transportation. Efficient: it adopts a new generation of highly efficient driving technology for the mature chassis, breaking through the new energy barriers of coach; it uses automatic transmission, realizing smooth start-stop with no sense of bumps, so that the customer can enjoy an efficient operation. Affordable: BJ6127 products are offered at an affordable price; the vehicle is equipped with energy saving engine, maximum seats, super-large baggage compartment, so that the customer can enjoy more benefits. Intelligent: the unique iFOTON intelligent vehicle management system uses intelligent environmental protection products, intelligent operation support and intelligent people-oriented services to create an integrated management platform of people, vehicle and road, so that the customer can enjoy the intelligence. Green: its electric model can be charged with the most appropriate amount of electricity according to customer demand; with optional flash or direct charging, which respectively needs only 10~15 minutes and 3~4 hours to achieve full charging, the driving range can be up to 150km, so that the customer can enjoy agreen travel. Comfortable: the vehicle uses luxurious fashionable interior design elements, customized environmental protection interior materials, ergonomic passenger seats, electric air conditioner, WiFi and USB, etc., to eliminate passenger’s body and mental fatigue and agitation caused by traffic jam, meet the pace of modern life, and provide you with a comfortable travel.


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