China's new energy bus leading brand

FUTON Leading brand of China's new energy vehicles

FOTON AUV Bus, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Foton Motor Group (China’s first brand in commercial vehicle), is the bus enterprise devoted to the R&D of new energy bus and realized commercial operation of new energy bus at the earliest; FOTON AUV has been ranked top of the industry in new energy technology, product performance and operation solution. It is the fastest-growing bus enterprise in China’s bus industry as well as the leading enterprise in China’s new energy bus industry.

Global leading nuclear power technology

FOTON AUV has created high- and medium-end quality large and medium sized bus products with the synchronous global leading nuclear power technology, covering the whole-value chain from R&D, manufacturing, accessories, logistics, after-sales and financial service. Advanced technology creates excellent product performance. FOTON AUV bus owns the vehicle control integration technology, intelligent safety technology, energy-saving technology, trial-manufacturing and testing technology and other leading new energy core technologies; it has independently researched and developed e-AIR intelligent circulation system, 4D protection technology, electronic-controlled braking device technology and other 10 innovative achievements; it has finished fuel cell, EV, PHEV and other several national 863 research items and applied in city bus, intercity bus, school bus three product lines, covering 5.9-18m full-line products. Integrating safety and reliability, economy and environmental protection, high-end quality into one, FOTON AUV new energy bus has also been No.1 in the world in the strong current safety. It has provided all-round safeguard for the safe journey and urban public transportation with the most excellent product and has offered powerful assistance for the promotion of upgrading transportation equipment!

Sense of social responsibility

As an enterprise with sense of social responsibility, FOTON AUV New Energy Bus has assumed the responsibility to take the initiative to create iBlue new energy integration operation solution in the industry and take the lead in putting forward the concept of all-weather new energy bus, which has provided intelligent operation solution for users and driven the brandnew mileage of urban “green bus”. At present, new energy bus has been widely promoted in Beijing, Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Taiwan and other places as well as overseas market. Its excellent batch production operation in extremely cold and extremely hot regions has been well received by the users. It has provided solution for the all-weather intelligent operation and green fashionable journey and has made contributions for the promotion of China’s bus technology and the enhancement of public livelihood projects!

Vision of AUV

FOTON AUV, as the forerunner and explorer of China’s new energy bus enterprise, has held all the aces! In the future, FOTON AUV will continue keeping the dream to lead the green soar of new energy bus!

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