Carrying value of green science and technology to lead the future

Product solution

Technical scheme

19 leading new energy iBlue techniques, vehicle control integration, intelligentization, safety protection, fast charge and anti-electronic interference proprietary techniques; monocoque, e-AIR and other two bus routine techniques.

Customized scheme

Provide the optimal products according to operation mode
Provide product with optimum total cost according to customer resource and requirements

Operation support scheme

Technical support

We will help you create economical and feasible infrastructure construction scheme by comprehensively considering your resource and demand and combining with the infrastructure cost and conditions of different products.

Remote management

iBlue bus remote management system can realize remote intelligent management: driver-intelligent control; user-intelligent operation

Consultation training

We will help you solve the problems of vehicle, personnel and management in actual operation through demonstration operation, personnel training, vehicle operation coaching from product purchase to post-stage operation.

Business/financial scheme

Three-level subsidy, lower purchase cost

You will not need to worry about the high purchase cost of new energy bus. Through the multi-level subsidies of existing policy, low purchase fee of bus under 8m can be provided for AUV new energy products; lower price than common bus under 8-10m; the purchase cost of other types is also substantially reduced. Specific to the purchase cost of bus over 8m, we can help you realize lower risk and lower purchase cost through business financial solution.

Service guarantee scheme

One-stop common service

Battery manufacturer, power system and other key system accessory manufacturers as well as AUV bus service engineers will together provide integrated service for you.

Professional stationary point service

Professional new energy service network station; equipped with professional detection device; professional inspection and maintenance team; assigning specially-assigned person to settle vehicle operation line; providing field service guarantee; periodic field tracking guidance after vehicle operation is stable; providing daily guarantee and quick response for your vehicle to guarantee the smooth operation of line.

Quick response safeguard mechanism

Provide daily 4-level troubleshooting quick response mechanism; assign special person to guide, coordinate and feed back the vehicle operation and maintenance information; establish vehicle service special archive; make real-time check, statistical analysis and tracking service; provide holiday and festival service to achieve “service safeguard for any operation arrangement”.

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