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Guarantee ten-year accessory supply to enhance the customer satisfaction

1. We will also provide high-quality service for you while providing high-quality accessories, including accessories replacement, accessories warranty and equipment maintenance, etc.
2. To help dealer and customer buy the genuine accessories of FOTON conveniently, Foton AUV has opened up mailbox: Welcome to consult through email.
3. For the vehicle quality problem caused by using non-FOTON accessories, we will not assume any responsibility and have the right to refuse to provide relevant services.
4. The FOTON accessories purchase process is as follows:

Parts Service - Genuine Parts
Quantity, name, usage and pictures of AUV overseas accessories
No Assy. Parts Name Code Qty.
1 Lamps Rear turn lamp 1U11137200002 1
2 Maebashi Front air chamber 1610024000572 1
3 Electrical Systems Rear power box 1U85137510102 1
4 Lamps High beam 1U11137100001 1
5 Suspension Air bag leather 1612529520015 1
6 Electrical Systems Dial device 1U94037600004 1
7 Rear axle Rear automatic adjusting arm 1611024010001 1
8 Rear axle Rear air chamber 1610024000571 1
9 Maebashi Front automatic adjusting arm 1611030010001 1
10 Steering system Steering oil pump 1676034070020 1
11 Braking System Air dryer assembly 1417035600070 1
12 Electrical Systems Power master switch 1612336600001 1
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